Writing your Essay Introduction Paragraph

We find introduction paragraphs mostly positioned at the opening of most research papers. Your introduction must capture the attention of your audience. A captivating introduction determines whether your audience will find interest in reading your entire essay. A few tips exist to help you write an appealing paper.

Guidelines to Doing an Introduction

  • Stay Original

The theme of your paper will determine what approach to take. If your area of study proves medicine or science, consider using riveting facts to attract your target audience. If your scope entails humanities, starting with a quote might come in handy. Most people love stories. A short anecdote can aid you write a compelling introduction.

  • State The Research Theme

The inverted triangle approach proves a great way to introduce your paper. The first sentence should give a general view of your topic. Begin with the general idea then, narrow the theme down to what you wish to focus on in your paper. The preliminary part of your introduction prepares the person reading for the comprehensive and precise information they will find later on.


While writing your introduction, remember to mention previous attempts to solve the problem you are researching. Try to make a distinction between your approach and past approaches. You can highlight previous literature reviews on the same. Remember to keep it simple. It should not transition into a formal review of the literature. You only need to mention a few things about your unique approach to the subject.

  • Key Terms

Your intro must describe the key expressions that you intend to use in your paper. Clarify the main concepts in your research paper. Your investigations and findings need to come clear and straightforward. In that manner, you will dodge reader-confusion as your paper advances. 

  • Follow the guidelines of logic

Make sure your writing is consistent. Create a logical link between your sentences. A perfect logical link will help in making your essay coherent. If your audience does not understand your text, they most likely will not read the rest of your paper.

  • Length proves essential 

You need to figure out a healthy balance when writing your overview. It should neither prove too long or too short. Find an ideal length that come brief enough to capture your reader’s attention. But also lengthy enough to give details of the main structure of your write-up. 

  • Refer to keywords

Your target audience should find it easy to look for your paper. The trick to doing this entails using keywords in your essay. You can make use of word combinations or separate words that define your title.

  • Course objectives

The conclusion of your introduction should mention your goals for your paper. The beginning of your prologue explained the importance of your study. The ending should explain how you intend to meet your objectives. Do not give too many details as you will expound on the subject when you get to the body. You only need to provide a simple overview.


Writing a captivating research essay introduction proves crucial as researching your paper. A good introduction will determine the success of your essay. When it comes to academic papers, the key to success entails keeping your audience glued to your write-up, right from the beginning to the end. The intro provides the reader with an idea of what your subject matter entails. It will help them carry an opinion of your work merit when they finish reading.

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