Ways of Writing a Last Minute Essay

Suppose you were supposed to write a college application essay and forgot, worry not because there is a solution for you. There is a lot of pressure, and you are on the verge of giving up. There is no need to give up when you can still write your essay and submit it on time. You can write an article for a maximum of three days, that is if you give it all your everything.

Step 1

You will have these days thinking about ideas. The ideas that will help you come up with a perfect paper. You will think about what you want your article to contain. You will have to come up with a few topics to begin. You can ask anyone around you as long as you get help. If you want the process to move fast, you will need to ask people you trust.

Try and think about the moments in your life that are memorable. That can help you in coming up with an excellent paper. Remember that a college application essay should contain most things about you. If you have to answer why you are the best fit for the school, make sure you do thorough research not to make any mistakes. It would help if you had unique answers from other students; that should be your motive.

Step 2

Since you have several topics, the next step is to think about how they will help answer the prompt. Please take a few minutes to outline them by using the prompt to assist you with the outline. When you know how to answer the prompts correctly, nothing can stop you. When you have gone through all the topics, try to choose a few that will work best for you. It is better to remain with three options.

Step 3

You can begin your writing process. If you cannot write in one place, you can try moving to different areas. Use the various topics and ensure you write more words because it is better that way. You will have time to correct mistakes and cut off some syllables. When you get to the fourteenth day, you need to have an essay of your top choices. If you had three options, at this time, you need to have all three.

Step 4

Now is the time to choose a single essay out of the ones you have. There is a particular one that stands out compared to the others. If it is challenging for you, think about what interests you and want to continue writing. Take the one that has a lot to say about you because your application letter is about you. You should not take essays that exceed the required number of words. Start by canceling them.

Step 5

It would help if you had a break when writing to return with a fresh mind that is ready to work. You can consider giving your friends to work so that they can help you with editing. On this day, do not stress yourself with anything concerning reading.

You should start the editing process. You have to begin with the content edits. You need to know what the essays have to say concerning you. You also need to ask yourself if that is what you want the reader to know about you. You have to check and consider the flow of the essay because it is vital.

Step 6

By this time, your friends might have returned the essays you gave them for editing. Ensure you check each of them carefully and not give up because not every review will be useful. If there are no reasons why your friends made some edits, ask them or assume you want to. If you get the same feedback from people, you may try and make a change.

Step 7

Make corrections on the edits, then try to read your work all over again. You make grammar corrections by replacing words. You try to improve your sentence structures and cut off excess words.

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